Marley Concertina Doors

Marley folding doors - The plastic concertina accordion doors are manufactured from high quality pvc plastics. The folding doors are guaranteed for ten years. The space saver folding door is range suitable for household bathrooms and kitchens the doors will provide years of quality service.

The range includes folding doors that can be extended some folding doors have a single wing and will fold from one side of the frame to the other. The larger doors will extend from both sides of the frame and meet in the middle.

If you have a small opening say 770mm you can choose any door in the range. As the door opening becomes wider you can only choose suitable folding doors. The largest size currently available is 4 meters wide which is formed from two door sets with some extra infill panels.

The doors are available in a selection of colours some of the door have solid panels we also have doors in stock that are glazed with glass effect panels that will allow light through a closed door.

The door heights are easy to adjust by cutting the panels to size. Door widths can be adjusted by adding or removing door panels.

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The Akkord Marley Folding Door

The Akkord

Folding door for doors up to 77 cm wide in a choice of 2 stylish colours 




 Akkord Alder

 Akkord Light Oak

The Tango Marley Folding Door

The Tango folding door with a fits doors up to a generous 85cm









Tango Cherry Glass

Tango Cherry

Tango Italian Nut Glass

Tango Italian Nut


Tango Light Oak

Tango Nut Lined

Tango White Glass

Tango White

The Melody Marley Folding Door

The Melody basic door fits up to 83cm, by adding extra lamellas this can be extended to 150cm




Melody Beech

Melody White Ash

Melody White

The Jazz Marley Folding Door

The Jazz basic door fits up to 83cm, this is extendable up to 200cm with extra lamella




Jazz Alu Lines

Jazz Beech Lines

Jazz White Lines

The Symphonie Marley Folding Door

The Jazz basic door fits up to 83cm, this is extendable up to 200cm with extra lamella


Symphonie Beech

The President Marley Folding Door

The President folding door fit doors from 86cm extendable up to 200cm




Symphonie Beech

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