Roof - Dry Verge System


The Dry Verge System is not only an attractive

but a functional means of improving the

appearance of any home

Suitable on new build roofs or roofs where the extisting verge is being renewed. Designed to provide a simple, secure method of mechanically fixing verge tiles. Reduces the risk of wind damage and water penetration
>100% Weather Proof
>Maintenance Free
>Speeds on-site installation
>Ultimate protection
Unique New Features
Front concealed fixing - a unique extra leg allows a front face fixing. Verge units slide or click together from top to bottom, leaving the tile undisturbed.
Designed for maximum tile overhang - fits straight onto the roof for immediate connection.
No unnecessary cutting or moving tiles - no reason to disturb tiles due to the 65mm overhang. Saves time and costs by reducing risk damage to the roof.
Allows all weather fitting - face fixings allows all weather fixing and less installation time.

Dry Verge Right Hand

Right hand looking from the roof towards the verge.

Dry Verge Left Hand

Left hand looking from the roof towards the verge.

Starter Piece

Ridge Cap Half Round

Ridge Cap Angled

Installation Guide


Apply starting piece and slide the Dry Verge Unit (pointing to towards the apex) until the Verge unit butts up against the end of the first tile. Screw the Verge Unit through the top and bottom holes, so that the screw penetrates the barge board or brick and firmly holds the Dry Verge in place.

Clip together a second Dry Verge Unit and push it onto the tail of the first, until both slides of the clip engage with the tail fins of the first. Once again ensure the Verge unit butts against the end of the tile. Then screw the tail end of the Verge Unit through the rear hole so it attaches to the barge board.

Repeat instruction 2 until all tiles have been covered. Once the left hand verge is completed, repeat on the opposite verge using the right hand verge units. The ridge cap is then securely screwed into the dry verge.