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New The Ultimate Greenhouse

The Ultimate Greenhouse

Introducing a new top quality greenhouse complete with toughened double glazed glazing and 25mm polycarbonate. The greenhouse comes with one side vent and a roof vent. The door has a quality lockable handle and heavy duty hinges. Supplied complete with cresting and finials on the roof and high quality 125mm Regency guttering. The double glazed units reduce the heating bills during winter and protects even the most delicate plants from winter weather.

Allow 14 - 21 days for delivery

Eden Acorn Greenhouse

Eden Acorn Greenhouse

A strong little greenhouse with bracing in both the roof and sides for additional strength. The sliding door is supplied with a door handle as standard.

We recommend using the optional galvanised steel base plinth as it provides an additional 12 cm of height as well as anchoring you greenhouse securely into the ground.

Allow 14 - 21 days for delivery.

Eden Highline Greenhouse

Eden Highline Greenhouse

The Eden Highline is the perfect greenhouse where height is an important consideration. The extra high eaves gives you a lot of extra growing space.

The kick plates, not only give your greenhouse a more exclusive look but also protect it from stray stones thrown up from your lawnmower. Highline has integral guttering and the frames is available in either a mill or green finish.

You can choose between three different glazing options - toughened glass, horticultural glass and polycarbonate. By the Highline 8 ft you have the choice between a single sliding door or two sliding doors.

A 12 cm high base in galvanized steel is available as an optional extra. It is used to securely anchor your greenhouse to the ground and does not require any drilling

Eden Leanto GreenHouses

The Eden Pleaides Greenhouse

Nowadays garden design is not only functional but also a delight to the eye. With 7,5 m2 of space, there is plenty of room in which to grow plants as well as add a table and some chairs where you can sit and enjoy the early spring sunshine.

Allow 14 - 21 days for delivery.

Eden Acorn

The Eden Sherborne Greenhouse

The Eden Sherborne is in a class of its own. The extra strong profiles used in the construction of the gables and ridge bar make the Sherborne series the strongest greenhouse money can buy and gives it a very exclusive looking appearance.

Cresting is available as an option on all green models of this greenhouse. This has the dual advantages of giving your greenhouse a more traditional Victorian look and feel as well as keeping the birds away from your greenhouse roof.

The spaciousness of the interior provides you with a relaxed and comfortable working environment, as well as with enough room for a chair where you can sit and look out at your garden during cooler Spring and Autumn days. If you would like to extend the growing season however, you can buy 6 mm polycarbonate.

The 79 cm wide lockable door together with the large roof windows ensure that the greenhouse is well ventilated. In addition to this you have the option of mounting a louvre in the bottom of the greenhouse and adding automatic window openers to the windows in the roof.

The Eden Sherborne is available in both mill and green finishes.

Eden Pro Gardener 12' Foot Wide

The Eden Monarch Greenhouse

The Eden Monarch is a large greenhouse that allows you the flexibility to grow a variety of different plants. It also has enough space for a small table and chairs from where you can enjoy your greenhouse in comfort.

One big advantage of the Monarch is that there is no door lip which makes it ideal for wheelchair and wheelbarrow access. The wide double-hinged door is also very high and can be opened from both sides. It can also be locked.

The monarch has an integral base in either a mill or green finish which makes it easy to


assemble. It has additional side and roof bracing for added strength

Eden Orangery Greenhouse

The Eden Orangery Greenhouse

A greenhouse designed for gardening and leisure.

Things have changed considerably over the past few years in the world of greenhouses. Northern European garden owners no longer see the greenhouse as a place to simply cultivate plants. It should now also function as an outdoor space in which to sit when the unpredictable weather often makes sitting al fresco rather more fresh and wet than you would like. A greenhouse or orangery provides shelter from the elements, allowing you to sit outside for many months of the year – even in February, the passive solar heat generated on a cloud-free day makes the greenhouse a nice, warm place to be.

The Orangery has been specially developed to meet the need for a place to accommodate both plants and people.

Halls Popular Greenhouse

The Halls Popular Greenhouse

Available in three sizes, our Popular range is perfect for any gardener, whether you're an absolute beginner, enthusiastic amateur or professional. All models come in a choice of aluminium or powder coated green frame with four easy-clip glazing alternatives for easy fitting.

Integral gutters and smooth action sliding doors are standard and a roof vent (excluding the smallest Popular in aluminium) allows constant and even ventilation. For the keenest gardeners amongst you, the more spacious models are ideal, the largest comes with two roof vents to allow air to circulate freely

Halls Supreme Greenhouse

Halls Supreme Greenhouse

Available in no less than eight sizes, its elegant curved lines make the Supreme greenhouse a stylish feature in your garden. Ideal for keen gardeners who grow larger plants, the curved eaves provide additional
height (up to 2.12 m) and the integral roof vent affords plenty of ventilation. Smaller 6 ft wide models have a single door, whilst the large 8 ft wide sizes have double doors for increased accessibility. At least one roof vent is standard, with up to four roof vents in the two largest models, for maximum ventilation.

All models are available in aluminium or powder coated green.

Halls Wall Garden Greenhouses

Halls Wall Garden Greenhouses

Even if space is very limited, you want to supplement your greenhouse, or you simply require a protected growing area for a small number of seed boxes, pot plants or a few vegetables, a wall garden is the answer. Smaller than a traditional lean-to, these neat wall gardens attach to your house or surrounding wall and provide a surprising amount of growing area from just under a square metre to 1.2m² in the Supreme model. Available in aluminium or green each model has a front opening sliding door.

Halls Silverline Lean - to Greenhouses

Halls Silverline Lean-to Greenhouses

If you're looking for a versatile sun room with ample gardening or leisure space, the Silverline Sun Room will more than fulfill your wish list. It provides space to enjoy as a conservatory style outdoor room, or in which to display your flowering and exotic plants. With double sliding doors and two large side vents for extra ventilation, you'll feel as if you're actually sitting outside in your garden, but with the added bonus of being sheltered and surrounded by your blooms.

Halls Magnum Greenhouse

Halls Silverline Lean-to Greenhouses

The Magnum is the Halls range for the real enthusiast. Strong aluminium frames assembled using cast iron joints ensure this spacious structure is completely safe. It's double doors provide you with a helpful addition, allowing clear access for wheelchairs, plenty of room for your wheelbarrow and the option of extra ventilation when required. The extra ridge height adds another dimension providing you with greater headroom and height for the development of your taller plants. The range contains four strong models.

Before you choose your Halls Magnum greenhouse, ensure you have checked the available space - the Magnum greenhouse comes in 4 sizes. Remember not to make the mistake of buying too small. Ideally, pick the area with maximum sunlight and the greatest protection from the wind and ensure you choose the correct glass type to suit your position - all the Magnum greenhouses come with two glazing options, either horticultural or toughened glass. Setting up your AGL greenhouse is not going to be difficult, at most it will take you a weekend.

All our range comes with strong, well crafted, rust proof aluminium frames, which simply bolt together to form a safe, strong structure which is virtually maintenance free. Fully illustrated instructions are enclosed, complete with rules for safe handling. In the unlikely event of any problems Halls offer a an experienced help-line to talk you through. AGL also provide an extensive range of stylish accessories, each one designed to enhance your greenhouse and improve your results..